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WNYC is a public radio station in New York City. In addition to running a major radio station, WNYC Studios features 60+ podcasts on a wide range of topics, from storytelling to in-depth journalism, in a range of styles. Some are conversational, some feature a reporter, but all of them focus on compelling human stories. There are partnerships with additional content creators, such as Futuro Media, which creates podcasts about LatinX topics, including podcasts in both English and Spanish.

This is a subset of WNYC Studios podcasts

When you access the show via its website, you can scroll down to a transcript of exactly what everyone said on the show! This can be a terrific way to preview a show to see if you’re interested, to scan for unfamiliar vocabulary, to identify idioms, or to support listening.

This is an excerpt from an episode of the radio show Candid Camera
Excerpt from “Radiolab” episode on the old TV show, Candid Camera

You can find direct links to the many platforms hosting these podcasts by clicking on the big yellow “LISTEN FOR FREE” button on the front page for any show.

Image of the front page of the show "Come Through with Rebecca Carroll"

Please help us highlight your favorite podcasts in this collection. What do you enjoy listening to, and why? How are you using the transcripts?

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